Thank you for considering an investment with Irongate Properties!

Investing with Irongate Properties is for:

Investors who are seeking above average returns

Are tired of the stock market roller coaster

And the low returns on bonds

Our real estate projects provide stable returns

Are secured by valuable Jacksonville real estate

Don’t have a lot of risk but do have lots of protection

And provide attractive yields

And unlike most real estate projects

Ours are short term

So you don’t have to wait years to make a profit.

You can also use your IRA or other retirement accounts!

Did you know that the wealthiest investors typically have at least 25-35% of their portfolio in direct real estate holdings (ie not REITs which follow the stock market) not including their personal residence?

How much of your portfolio is invested directly in real estate?

Should it be more?

I’m in the process of creating these videos with more to come soon – please check back later!


Please contact me at (904) 595-7191 or with any questions.